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What is a Nebia Hearing?

Federal Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen can assist you in organizing and preparing for a Nebia Hearing. In cases where there may be large amounts of alleged illegally obtained monies the Federal Court may require the Defendant to show the source of the bonding monies. Generally this is known as a "Nebia Hearing" or technically a 1275 sufficiency hearing. At the hearing the Defendant must show that the monies paid to secure the bond came from a legitimate source and can be traced to that source. There are multiple ways to prove legitimate sources such as employment records, deeds to homes purchased prior to any illegal activity, family funds traceable to legitimate business dealings, retirement monies funded by paychecks or in some cases the family can use multiple credit cards to form the basis of the bond as that may be considered "unrealized debt" and as such, can withstand the scrutiny of the government.

Federal Lawyer Bradford Cohen has experience handling Federal Nebia hearings and can organize your material to present it to the court to prove the sufficiency of funds. Bradford has worked with many Federal Bonding Agents and knows exactly what the Court and your AUSA is lo oking for in regards to proving legitimate funds. Call today 1-888-COHEN LAW or contact us to find out more information on Nebia hearings.