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U.S. Tax Courts

U.S. Tax Lawyer Bradford Cohen is accepted and licensed to practice before the US Tax Courts throughout the country. Just because someone is a criminal lawyer, does not mean they are licensed to practice before the Tax Court. Although the United States Tax Court is a Federal trial court, it is a completely separate entity from State and Federal Criminal Courts. Although separate the courts share the fact that they are "of record" meaning that all proceedings are recorded for purposes of appeal. The US Tax Court is run by the judiciary. The judges are separate and apart from the IRS or Internal Revenue Service. The US Tax court was created by Congress as an authority for US taxpayers to dispute IRS claims and determinations. The US Tax Court has the authority to resolve civil matters between a taxpayer and the IRS. The taxpayer may file a petition, essentially disputing an IRS determination filed against them.

Although the main US Tax Court is located in Washington, D.C. The local South Florida Tax Court is located in Miami, Florida. The Federal US Tax Court Judges preside in over 60 cities. As a licensed US Tax Lawyer, Bradford Cohen can practice in any local Federal Tax Court, as well as Washington D.C. Bradford is familiar with the local Federal Tax Court Judges and their records in regards to motions and arguments made on tax subjects. This knowledge along with his intimate details of the US Tax Code and Rules of Procedure can assist you in bring your case to a favorable conclusion.