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Serious Consequences

Fort Lauderdale Immigration Law Firm Cohen Law understands the nature of the charges filed against you and how they will interact with your immigration issues. In the State of Florida and other jurisdictions it may be possible to get you into a pretrial diversion program where you may be entitled to get the charges dismissed. Why is that important? Because even minor crimes can have a MAJOR affect on you US immigration status, even if you are a permanent resident. There are a slew of crimes that if you take a ?plea? to, you may be subjecting yourself to deportation proceedings even if you have a green card.

If you take a plea and then go back to your country of origin, you may find out that you are ineligible to return to the United States. Before leaving the United States even if you are a permanent resident, contact an experienced immigration lawyer to advise you on whether you will have trouble upon arriving back in the US, from traveling abroad.

Just because you are a permanent resident, does not mean that a criminal conviction will not hurt your immigration status. A conviction can very well negate your chances of becoming a US Citizen. The crimes that could affect your chances of becoming a US citizen could be as minor as a petty theft or DUI, so it is important that you contact an immigration attorney that has experience in criminal law as well as US immigration matters.