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Palm Beach County Criminal Lawyer

If you have been criminal charged in Palm Beach County, you want Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen on your side. When it comes to make a decision on hiring a criminal attorney, look at the experience and knowledge of the law. Bradford has been practicing criminal defense for 15 years and has trial experience ranging from complex Federal and State white collar crimes to State and Federal violent crimes and drug offenses.

Palm Beach County includes the Town of Palm Beach the sometimes unusual issues in dealing with Palm Beach come from the seasonal population. Even though the Town has a year round population of around 11,000 individuals, seasonally it grow as to as large as 30,000. As a criminal lawyer practicing in Palm Beach Florida, it is imperative to handle each case with descretion and understanding of individuals schedules. Bradford Cohen has been successful in allwoing individuals charged with crimes to waive their appearance in court on non crucial hearings as well as have the court to allow travel throughout the United States while on Bond. It is important to hire a West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer that knows his way around the courthouse and has handled cases in the area.

Delray Criminal Lawyer

Delray Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County . Delray Criminal lawyer Bradford Cohen has handled known for its exciting Atlantic Avenue. If you were out having a good time on Atlantice Avenue in Delray Beach Florida, and were stopped by the police and arrested or given a notice to appear, give Delray Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen a call. Whether it is a Drug Violation, Violation of Probation, White Collar Crime, Violent Crime, Domestic Violence or Theft Crime, Bradford will help you navigate through the Palm Beach County Circuit or County Criminal Court.