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Motion to Suppress

As an experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal lawyer, Bradford Cohen has filed many Motions to Suppress evidence in criminal matters. A Motion to Suppress is essentially a document that is filed with the court to exclude some evidence at trial. Evidence can be in the form of a statement, identification, physical thing ( gun, knife, car, DNA ) or even a non-verbal communication, such as a nod of the head or pointing of a finger.

In a recent case, Bradford moved to suppress the action of handing a bag of marijuana over to the police in response to an illegal interrogation of the Defendant. The Officer never read the Defendant his rights, and began interrogating him on "where in the car is the marijuana." Although the marijuana itself was not suppressed due to a theory of law called inevitable discovery, the action of the Defendant handing the marijuana to the cop was suppressed. As the car was shared with 3 other people, the State had no choice but to dismiss the case.

A Motion to Suppress can take a hopeless case and make it into a stellar one for the Defendant. By excluding evidence that was illegally obtained against a Defendant, the court is upholding every citizens constitutional rights to be free of illegal searches and seizures. If you or someone you know has had their rights violated and evidence was illegally obtained, call our offices today for a consultation to find out what your rights are in your criminal case. Never stand alone.