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Internet Pornography

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyers have unique challenges when presented with clients charged with receipt or possession of child pornography. There are many issues surrounding the charges such as possible mental health issues and the instant impression judges and jurors have to the type of offense charged. The evidence garnered in these type of criminal cases can be voluminous and extremely damaging such as, computer hard drives, admissions from Defendants, IP addresses, and many government expert witnesses prepared to testify against you. When the issue revolves around search warrantes, statements given the the police and possible witness statements, it is crucial you get a criminal lawyer that knows the law in those areas. There are State and Federal charges that can arise from possession of child pornography. Most of these Federal Criminal charges come with minimum mandatory jail sentences. These sentences cannot be modified without an agreement form the government on your specific case. All hope is not lost however, there are many defenses that can be raised in these matters.

If your criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the internet, computers and the law on crimes disturbing interstate commerce he may be able to raise issues that will limit evidence brought in against you or dismiss the case altogether. The internet and defenses are very technical when it comes to identifying computers and downloads. There are several programs utilized by the Government and State that assist them in determining the address and location of the computer used in the alleged crime. Our office is prepared to handle those detailed complex issues with our team of Internet crimes lawyers. Call our criminal law offices today to discuss your legal issue with Bradford.