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Immigration Bond Hearings

US Immigration Deportation: Removal Defense Florida Immigration Lawyer

Have you or a family member been arrested for violating a United States Immigration law? Taken away in handcuffs to a detention center can be a scary experience. If you have an experienced Florida Immigration Lawyer, we may be able to ease some of the worry and fear that you are experiencing by assisting you in the removal or detention proceedings. Remember that is not a "crime" where you are entitled to a court appointed attorney. You do have the right to be represented, but the court will not appoint a lawyer for you. Therefore, if you need assistance to navigate the confusing laws surrounding deportation, removal proceedings, or detention hearings, hire and experienced immigration law firm like Cohen Law to help.

Immigration Detention and Immigration Bonds

Individuals that are arrested by Homeland security for violation of US Immigration law may be held or detained during the course of the proceedings. This is dependent on a number of factors involved in your case. If you have been charged with a criminal case in State or Federal court and have an Immigration detainer placed on you, speak to an attorney before you post bond. Upon bonding in that case you may be sent to a detention center. If you are arrested in South Florida you may be sent to Krome Detention Center in Miami. Although authorities can send you to one of many detention centers, they usually will house you in the area you were arrested.

The first question you must ask if you are being arrested for violating US immigration laws is are you eligible for a Immigration Bond? To be eligible for an Immigration Bond you must meet several criteria set out by the US Government. If you have certain prior criminal convictions on your record or you have prior illegal entries into the US, you may not be eligible for Bond. If you call our offices we can help you obtain a Immigration Bail Bondsman and one of our US Immigration Lawyers will help you determine if you are eligible for bond or a bond reduction in some circumstances. Additionally, if you are assisting the government in a criminal matter you may be eligible to stay in the country pursuant to an S Visa. Call our offices today to find out more information regarding the application for an S Visa.