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If I Have Served Half of My Probation Period, am I Eligible for Early Termination of Probation?

Early termination of probation is available to any and all individuals who have bee place on probation. Even if the Court has verbally stated that there will be NO EARLY TERMINATION OF PROBATION, you can still apply and be heard by the court. "Section 948.05 provides that a probationer may be brought before the court at any time to be "admonished or commended," and if it is in the best interests of justice and the welfare of society, the probationer may be discharged from further supervision. This provision requires the court to respond to the facts and circumstances that develop during the term of probation. If the probationer has fulfilled his obligations and has been a model probationer, the interests of justice (not to mention the wise allocation of scarce resources) may require that early termination be considered. To permit the court to declare at the inception of the probation that no early termination will ever be allowed defeats the salutary purpose of the statute." Arriaga v. State, 666 So.2d 949 (4th DCA 1996).

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