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How Do I Choose the Right Criminal Lawyer for My Case?

Several factors go into hiring a top notch criminal lawyer. When hiring a criminal attorney you should look at the length he or she has been in practice, the history with the Florida Bar, past criminal cases they have handled that may be similar you yours, the number of criminal JURY trials the individual has conducted and if they are willing to put that number in writing for you, the type of criminal JURY trials they have conducted. You certainly do not want to hire an individual for a criminal; FEDERAL trial or case that has limited experience in FEDERAL criminal cases. You should also look at the type of clientele the Criminal Defense Lawyer has handled. If your lawyer has represented Police Officers, high profile individuals, public officials, it is a good indicator of the level of skill that criminal lawyer possesses. If the lawyer you are about to handle is truly available 24 / 7 or if that is just another statement to get your business. Test it out and call off hours to see how soon the criminal lawyer returns your phone call.

The most important factor aside from the above is that you are comfortable with the criminal lawyer you are about to hire. You should have a good re pore with him or her and be able to explain your situation as well as anything your situation may be affecting, i.e. work, relationships or family.

Take a good look at the qualifications of Bradford Cohen, browse the site and read the recent victories section as well as the background of Bradford. We want to help you with your criminal matter. Contact us today for your free consultation.