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Grand Theft

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen has been handling cases involving Grand Theft since beginning his practice in 1997. Criminal Grand Theft cases can revolve around various crimes involving the theft of goods, monies, vehicles or anything of value over the amount of $300.00 US Dollars. Often this charge can accompany other charges such as operating without a builders license or embezzlement. There are various defenses to the charge of Grand Theft. Some involve detailed accounting in regards to the items or monies allegedly stolen. In one recent case, an individual came to the criminal law offices of Bradford Cohen charged with Grand Theft. The pharmacy where he was working accused him of taking 360 pills of Oxycodone. They tried to charge him with each pill at $11.00 US per pill. As soon as we were retained we immediately investigated how much 360 pills purchased at once would cost. The total was under $300.00. Thus, the state dropped the felony Grand Theft and filed it as a misdemeanor. Call us today for a consultation on Grand Theft Charge.