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Federal Bond Hearing

Federal Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen can help you from before your indictment gets filed to your first appearance and bond hearing through trial. A Federal Bail Bond is a bond that gets posted for Federal Criminal matters in a U.S. District Court. There are of course different levels of bonds. It could be as little as a signature bond, meaning essentially you sign a document that says you will show on your court date, to a large amount of a Federal cash bond which may include a Nebia hearing, to possibly pre-trial detention or no bond at all. If the court Orders bond, the amount usually can be secured using a Corporate Surety Bond. If you use a Federal Bail Bondsman it will have a premium cost of 15% of the face amount of the bond. Example if your bond is $100,000 then you will need property to secure the bond plus $15,000.00 to the Federal Bondman. At the end of the trial your collateral will be returned, but the premium is the fee charged by the Federal Bonding Agent.