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DUI - Driving Under the Influence

Everyone wants the best DUI defense they can afford. In looking at the factors that go into the best possible defense to Driving Under the Influence under Florida Statute 316.193, you need to look at the experience of the criminal defense lawyer. There are many issues when it comes to a legal stop and arrest for DUI such as, if the officer had probable cause to make the stop, if there was enough evidence to conduct a DUI investigation, if there is any type of privilege that may exclude your statements to the police, if you were moved from the scene to conduct the roadside exercises, and if the Intoxilyzer 8000 machine used was properly maintained and serviced. Of course that is not an exhaustive list of defenses to DUI, but a idea of the many issues that come up defending a criminal case for Driving Under the Influence.

The most important thing to know in terms of immediate action when you are charged with a DUI is that your have 10 days to request a formal administrative hearing. If you do not request your hearing within the 10 days allotted by law you will waive your right to have the matter heard and automatically have your license suspended. DO NOT WAIVE YOUR RIGHT and consult with our offices immediately to find out your legal options. We are here to help you. Even if you are just shopping for criminal lawyers, we will give you some good advice that may help your decision.