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Deportation or Removal Hearings

Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer for your deportation hearing is very important. Not all immigration attorneys have handled deportation hearings and may not know the immigration law surrounding the removal process. A Deportation Hearing or Removal Hearing is simply the hearing that determines whether or not you will be able to stay in the United States. At that hearing an immigration judge presides like in any other court case. It is usually recorded via a tape recorder at the Judges bench. There will be a lawyer from the Department of Homeland Security. His or her job is to present a case against you. The Department of Homeland Security must identify a legitimate reason for your deportation and prove all the facts alleged in order to have you deported.

If you are here based on no legal reason, i.e. illegally entered the country, if you have overstayed your legally obtained visa, if you have lied on applications in the past, or have committed aggravated crimes or crimes or moral turpitude, the Department of Homeland Security may institute Deportation proceedings against you.

Although you have the absolute right to an immigration lawyer, the court does not have to appoint one for you. Essentially, if you want a Florida Immigration attorney, then you will have to hire one prior to the deportation proceedings. At the hearing your immigration lawyer will be able to present evidence and hear the evidence presented against you. After the decision of the court, you or your immigration attorney can file an immigration appeal to a higher court if you feel that there has been error. Immigration law firm Cohen Law has years of experience dealing with removal proceedings in and out of the State of Florida. As the voice of liberty, we will fight for your rights. Call us today at 1-888-264-3652 or 1-888-COHENLAW or contact us by email.