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Crackdown on Mortgage Fraud

By: Bradford Cohen

As a Florida Mortgage Fraud Criminal Lawyers, we have seen the are of mortgage fraud explode over the past few years and reach a head recently with the governments announcement that is will be seeking criminal indictments on a mass of individuals for Mortgage Fraud on the West Coast of Florida. The Federal authorities have stated that they will be seeking to indict more the 200 people on the west coast of Florida for involvement in some type of mortgage fraud scheme. Bradford Cohen was recently asked to comment and give his perspective regarding the situation on National Television. He was called on due to his prior experience in representing individuals charged with mortgage fraud and his background in finance and property purchases. He discussed the many alleged schemes that the Federal Government are charging individuals.

The schemes could involve a number of alleged illegal actions. The first is the most common type of mortgage fraud and that involves over inflating the value of the home and selling it to a straw buyer. Just recently in one of the largest scams, an individual named Neil Husani, was captured in Jordan and is awaiting extradition to the US on charges that he and his partners bilked banks out of more then 83 million dollars over a period of a few years using over inflated prices and straw buyers to get false loans.

They are also cracking down on individuals who promise to allow you to stay in your home during the foreclosure process. This usually involves you signing over the rights to a home. Once they have title to the home they try to pull out any equity and or refinance. If that is accomplished they usually do not make any payments on the home and it falls into foreclosure and you are completely shut out from the home.

One other method of a white collar housing scam is the loan modification. In regards to loan modifications, non-lawyer companies may be seeking cash up front and make promises of lower payments, lower interest rates or lower principals. It is illegal for these non-lawyer companies to request up front fees due to recent legislation. To be sure you are not being scammed hire a loan modification lawyer. At Bradford Cohen Law, we have loan modification lawyers on staff that can help you through he confusing process. We don't make any promises, but as with all our cases, we do the very best work we can to get you the result you expect. If you need to modify you existing loan call us today and we can help.

If you are facing Federal Mortgage Fraud charges, or being investigated for Federal Mortgage Fraud, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the legal pitfalls of this type of charge. With his experience in property purchases, finance and banking, Mortgage Fraud Attorney Bradford Cohen, can look at the issue not just from the stand point of a criminal lawyer, but also form someone experienced in property purchases. It is important to have someone with an unwavering dedication to protecting your rights and defenses in Mortgage Fraud matters. Bradford can give you the advice that you need in regards to loan modification violations, Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud, Bank Fraud and Criminal Debt violations. Contact our offices today to find out more about out Federal Trial experience and background in these areas.