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Brain Injury

Our team of Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys knows how much stress a family can go through when there is a Brain Injury in the family. Long term or lifelong needs could be financially crippling to any family or individual no matter what type of lifestyle they are used to living.

According to the Brain Injury Association USA, a traumatic brain injury can result from car accidents, slips/ falls, or being struck or assaulted. Approximately 1.4 million sustain brain injuries a year.

Do not leave the future of your loved one or yourself to chance. Hire a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney that has experience dealing with the insurance companies and hospitals. We can help you 24 / 7 and we will come to you for the free initial client consultation. If we recover nothing then there is no fee charges to the client. At Bradford Cohen Law, we don't rely on yesterdays success, we prove ourselves with every case. For more information on traumatic brain injuries, please visit