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Bradford Comments on Sexting on Fox & Friends

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Bradford Cohen was on Fox & Friends to comment on "sexting." Sexting is when an individual sends another individual racy or sexual explicit photos of themselves or someone else via cell phone texting. This issue has become an epidemic among minor children who may think it is innocent fun. The problem is that technically it violates several very serious crimes that carry minimum mandatory prison sentences and sex offender labels in most states. Children are not only exposing themselves to the danger of putting their nude photos in cyber space but also facing the ridiculous overzealous charge of a sex crime. This week alone several young female students were charged with sending semi nude photos to their boyfriends. If convicted they could face jail time and be labeled sex offenders. Bradford's position on this issue is that it is a social problem not a criminal one. The only person the courts are hurting in this case are the young children making the mistake of sending these photos. Society has become obsessed with making everything a crime, from food fights at schools to this new trend of sexting. Parents and schools need to take the lead on these matters and discipline accordingly, but making the children sex offenders for the rest of their lives is not the solution. For more information on Sexting, contact our law offices today.