831.16 Having Less Than 10 Counterfeit Coins in Possession, with Intent to Utter

Whoever has in his or her possession any number of pieces less than 10 of the counterfeit coin mentioned in the preceding section, knowing the same to be counterfeit, with intent to utter or pass the same as true, or who utters, passes or tenders in payment as true any such counterfeit coin, knowing the same to be false and counterfeit, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding 10 years, or in the county jail not exceeding 12 months, or by fine not exceeding $1,000.

History.--s. 15, ch. 1637, 1868; RS 2494; GS 3375; RGS 5223; CGL 7341; s. 1295, ch. 97-102.